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Jeans for Women: An Icon in Fashion

Jeans for Women: An Icon in Fashion

Jeans for Women: A Monotonous Trend or an Evergreen Fashion?

Jeans were first introduced to India, thanks to the Westerners. Although cowboys and mine workers used it due to the durability, comfort, and easy maintenance it offers, wearing jeans soon became a cult in India because of globalisation and Western influence. Soon after, Western fashion markets entered India, and we witnessed a smooth transition from traditional wear to Jeans! Name it a fashion rage, obsession or fashion icon; Jeans became an indispensable clothing requirement for all age groups. Whether it is a 2 year old toddler or 50 year adult, in India, jeans are something which we can’t do without.

Think for yourself, when you have to casually meet a friend, attend a party, go to a relative’s house or to work, do you really stress over what bottom to wear? No – We are sure that would be your quick response. This is because you already know your jeans for women are a versatile and convenient form of clothing. They can easily match any tee and shirt! In that case, you don’t have to struggle to find the fitting jeans, but find an occasion-appropriate top wear to pair with the jeans! Therefore, it would be safe to say that even though jeans for women are a timeless and evergreen fashion statement, they are a monotonous trend. Jeans for women are a staple clothing and have always been the first choice.

You can call jeans for women's rescue apparel. But suppose you are sulking over the repeated and limited bottom wear choices, you can opt for a pant or jeggings for women. At Zola, our collection of jeans and jeggings for women come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, styles and hues! If you need slim-fit jeans for women or ankle-length jegging for women, we supply premium quality bottom wear, which you can style effortlessly and look chic!

Not just styles and sizes, but at Zola, you can shop exquisite bottom wear from a range of colour options available. You can buy a fawn, stone blue or even a green shaded jegging for women and make an impression! So? With Zola, you do not have to wear monotonous jeans for women, as we spoil you with choices! Upgrade and enhance your look with our comfortable, colourful and pocket-friendly jeggings!

Embrace Kaftan Tops: A Trendy Attire

Knock! Knock! Are you still here? If yes, we are sure we have managed to grab your attention, and indeed you require more reliable fashion and styling tips.

So, apart from jeans, you can switch to jeggings or pants for bottom wear, but what about top wear? You can continue wearing regular tops and tees if you want to stick to the basics. However, if you wish to level up your styling game, you will require a bit of creativity. Today, style enthusiasts, fashion bloggers and influencers have cracked the code of enriching our daily styles. But, if you still want a direct, convenient and affordable hack, you must invest in Zola’s kaftan tops, western tops for women and tunics for women. By adding something new to your closet, you will not only stand out from the crowd but also look unique and polished. Here are a few styling options you can pair with any denim, jegging or pant!

  1. Invest in an oversized and modish denim jacket or blazer. These look stylish and sophisticated with jeans and also reveal a formal look. At Zola, we deliver an assortment of jackets for you to check.
  2.  Swap your graphic T-shirts with a long cardigan. Whether you are heading for work or somewhere fun with friends, layering a tank top with a cardigan is a smart choice.
  3.  Instead of wearing a simple cotton kurti to work or a family puja, how about a tunic for women paired with jegging? Tunics for women are an excellent option when you want to wear modern yet traditional clothes. You must check Zola’s tunics for women, which are available in various styles and prints. Moreover, they are manufactured using comfortable fabrics such as cotton, viscose, rayon, etc.
  4.  Even if you wish to continue wearing Western tops for women, you must have a look at Zola’s collection. Our western tops for women come with a new element of chic. Our prints and styles add a hint of sophistication and will help redefine your style.
  5.  Buy Zola’s kaftan tops for a cool summer look! Kaftan tops look class apart with both jeans and jeggings. Additionally, you can wear them casually as well as in a corporate set-up! Trust us; our kaftan tops will add charm to your attire.

If you are looking for more options, let us walk you through more options available exclusively at Zola!

Shop Zola’s Women’s Pants Online

Let’s be honest; with the raging popularity of denim and jeggings, we have neglected several other bottom wear options available. Instead of wondering from where to buy women’s jeans online all the time, you must consider other clothing choices such as palazzos and pants. Unlike, made from denim fabric, pants and palazzos are lighter in weight, easy to carry and available in multiple shades! They are incredibly versatile and flexible too!

For instance, if you invest in Zola’s good quality black plain trousers, you can style them in numerous ways. You can wear the same black plain trouser to work, date night or dinner parties! This way, you can create 3 different looks with one investment. If trousers are enough for you, how about you make time for palazzo online shopping on the weekend at Zola’s official website? We have endless palazzo choices waiting for you. Palazzos are cosy, hassle-free and adaptable to any top wear! You can wear simple palazzo pants with a tee and hoop earrings to work or lunch, and they will differentiate you from the rest!

Do you want more? Visit our e-store! We have clothes which will satiate your shopping desires!

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