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Breezy and Budget-Friendly Western Dresses

Breezy and Budget-Friendly Western Dresses

Summertime Madness with Zola’s Western Dresses

Even if summer is all about beach days, tanning and drinking galloons of H20 to keep yourself hydrated, you cannot deny the scorching sun and summer heat are unbearable. No matter how many glasses of watermelon slushes or your favourite margaritas you relish, you cannot escape the sweltering and humid weather! But while fidgeting with the AC remote to set the right indoor temperature to keep you cool, there’s one thing you can surely consider! That is, buying appropriate clothes for summer to make you look cool!

Yes, just as important as it is to stock up on creams, lotions and refreshing summer drinks, it is equally essential to wear the summer-friendly clothes that keep you fresh, sweat and odour free! These summer clothes are none other than Zola’s Western dresses!

Why Western dresses? Because we are sure after a long day at work plus commuting by public transport, you don’t want to get stuck in pants or any trousers, for that matter. Denim, pants, black T-shirts, sweaters or any other piece of clothing which will restrict movement and stick to your skin is a big NO! And you cannot possibly wear shorts to work or every other occasion you are invited to. Thus, western dresses are a wise investment to make for summer!

Zola’s western dresses are breezy, comfortable and offer a relaxed fit. They are versatile as you can dress up in our range of dresses for work, lunch, dinners, coffees and movie dates! You can literally carry our dresses from day to night without the slightest worry of feeling hot or sweaty! You can pick from a short knee length dress to a long maxi dress, whichever you choose; we guarantee you will feel airy and cool throughout the day. Moreover, at Zola, we have a variety of dresses in summer hues that will add a playful touch to your wardrobe. You can dress in a classic dark pink or aqua-coloured dress for lunch and opt for a warmer tone for the evening with our olive or grey dresses! Trust us, Zola’s colour palette will keep you stylish always!

The fabric is another factor that makes Western dresses a top choice for summer. We manufacture our dresses with cotton, rayon, viscose and chiffon only. These fabrics are lightweight, skin-friendly and breathable and allow ease of movement. Plus, they are designed with lace, prints and varied cuts and designs, ensuring the aesthetics are maintained.

Our dresses will not burn a hole in your pocket. Thus, you must visit our website and shop immediately! If you want shirts for women for meetings and strict corporate setups, we have those too! Our shirts for women are manufactured using cotton, so you can easily wear them for summer as well!

Embrace the Summer with Jackets for Women

So have you been eyeing Zola’s denim jacket for women for a while now but haven’t bought it because of the summer? We know it’s too hot, and jackets for women aren’t considered the ideal summer apparel. But this does not mean you ditch buying the jacket! Yes, denim jackets were initially manufactured for colder seasons, but they are a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn without any limitation of season or weather change! Break the fashion stereotypes and raise the standards of dressing up with the help of Zola’s exquisite and pocket-friendly clothing range for women.

A jacket can be easily adapted to any body shape and size, and they are universal apparel and can be matched with any top and bottom wear, regardless of the season. All you need to do is make some adjustments and swaps; let us show you how!

If you are meeting your friends for lunch, you can layer up your maxi or short dress with a jacket. This way, you will not need any other accessory. Denim will subtly elevate your look. If you are at work, you can swap your t-shirt or formal shirt with a tank top or a tunic top for women and wear a jacket above it. This unique look will not make you feel hot as you are wearing a light-weighted inner! You can also leave the buttons open and flaunt your tunic tops for women by Zola! You can also simply wear our denim jacket for women, button it up and roll the sleeves up to get a chic look.

If you want an entirely different look apart from dresses and jackets, you can opt for kaftan tops! At Zola, we have numerous kaftan tops manufactured in premium quality to bring a unique sense of style to your closet. Kaftan tops are equally comfortable, casual and easy-going during summer! Make sure to add these to your cart immediately.

Sizzle this Season with Short Sleeve Tunic Tops

You asked for endless styling options for summer, didn’t you? Well, your wish is our command! Presenting to you Zola’s short sleeve tunic tops. Zola’s women’s short sleeve tunics are for those days when you wish to wear pants, trousers or denim but still want some refreshing and captivating top wear.

Short sleeve tunics are your saviour when you don’t want to wear a tee or a top with graphics. They are a summer dressing essential, available in various vibrant colours with soft and comfortable fabrics such as cotton, viscose, rayon and modal. Plus, the short sleeves will keep you cosy and allow air to pass! Women’s tunic tops with short sleeves can be paired with denim pants, denim shorts, leggings and jeggings. Thus they can be effortlessly styled and matched with any bottom wear of your choice and convenience. This makes short sleeve tunic tops an accessible, practical and handy apparel choice. Whether you are heading for work or to a relative’s home, you can quickly grab your Zola’s short sleeve tunics and save time!

Summers are for enjoying, don’t let rising temperatures cramp your wardrobe! Shop summer clothing with Zola! 

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