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Affordable Clothing and Style Tips that Look Expensive

Affordable Clothing and Style Tips that Look Expensive

Staying on top of our fashion game is a desire shared by all. The audible sighs and the love we feel while looking at those glossy pictures of that gorgeous embroidered jacket or maybe, the awe we hold while walking into the stores and admire the beautiful dress hanging on the shelves. However, what appeals to the eyes, may not appeal to the wallet and as we end up turning that price tag, our hearts fall into pits. We are all too familiar with this feeling. However, here is a pleasant surprise for you, you don’t need expensive things to look fancy! All you need to do is work with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. You can take a notch higher by accessorizing your outfit right and with subtle make up. Here are some tips to help you master the road to affordable styling that looks effortless and expensive.

Check the Fit: Wear Pieces that Fit Well

Wearing ill-fitting clothes reflects poor taste and will only make you look sloppy while fitting clothes exude style and class! If you have an hourglass figure, wear pieces that will accentuate your curves and if you have a few extra pounds that you want to conceal, wear fluid silhouettes that are slightly loose and yet like a dream on your figure. Fluid silhouettes drape well and have that flow when you walk. Like they say, if you have it, flaunt it! Do not forget this solemn vow: Always make sure that your clothes fit well.

Go Monochromatics

Black and white are neutral colours that go with everything. These are absolutely ‘no-fuss’ and can be paired with any colour. You can wear black with black or white with white or black with white and still rock the look. These colours are safe and are timeless and are something you’ll wear for a long time. And how can we forget the famous little black dress? They are eternally classic and loved by all. These universal colours have the tendency to conceal as well as accentuate your curves however you want to. These are a few simple ways to look very put together!

Quality over quantity

Being on a budget is never an excuse to buy low quality pieces. Since you are on a budget, it doesn’t have to mean that you have to compromise on quality. Have at least five to six quality pieces as compared to a closet full of shabby, low quality clothes. Never buy too many clothes at once. Save that money and opt for natural and sustainable textiles that will last a long time. Be creative and mix and match these pieces and create a new look every time you step out.

Know your fabrics

Sustainability is the future of fashion. Invest in pieces that are timeless classics and you know they’ll never go out of style and you will love them forever. These pieces are most probably made out of natural fabrics which not only last longer but fit beautifully on your body. There are two different types of fabrics – natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. Cotton, wool, silk are natural fabrics and nylon, polyester and rayon are synthetic fabrics. Knowing your fabrics will give you an idea about how to dress and what to match. Each fabric has a unique type of maintenance and most importantly, styling rules. Natural fabrics are difficult to maintain but they exude so much class. Ideally, fabrics should be all natural from sustainable brands.


At the end of the day, it’s all about pairing your outfits together to create an interesting look which you can call uniquely your own. The mantra is to keep it clean and simple, be creative and have fun. Add minimal accessories to complete your look. But most importantly, whatever you’re wearing, just rock it!

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