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The dark clouds and the smell of damp earth is indicative of the blistering heat leaving, making way for the cool and cozy monsoons. While the weather calls for spending time with family and sipping innumerable cups of chai, it also adds a lot of grey to our everyday lives. During the monsoon, while one traditionally chooses to opt for dark and muted colours like blues and greys, it is time to go beyond convention and add a splash of bright, vivid colours! Cue, colour blocking! This fashion choice is not only trendy but also brightens up an otherwise gloomy day. Whether it’s a single bright piece, subtle monochromes or bold and contrast layers, colours can be fun and also add so much character and can tell a lot about you.

What is Colour Blocking?

colour blocking usually means taking colours that are opposite on the colour wheel (a circular rainbow!) and pairing them together to make interesting combinations. It is widely believed that the painter Piet Mondrian inspired the colour blocking trend in the 1900s. The colour wheel is divided into two segments – warm colours and cool colours. Yellow, orange and red are known as the warm colours and purple, blue and green are known as the cool colours. In true fashion sense, colour blocking simply means that you combine two or more fabrics of complementing colours to make a statement. colour blocking has always been a huge trend in the fashion world. It is a fun, vibrant way to express your style personality.

Types of Colour Blocking

colour blocking helps in accentuating body shapes, making a person look taller and slimmer. colour blocking provides versatility to clothing that other trends might not provide. There are many ways one can incorporate colour blocking to create a bold look. There are plethora of colour stories that can happen and the possibilities are endless. There are three ways to go about it:


Monochromatic is a simple colour scheme which often uses variations of a hue by incorporating tints, tones, shades or altering the base shade. When going monochromatic, pick a shade and layer it in different tones of the same shade. For example, if you pick red, you can layer it with maroon, coral, pink, blush and other hues of a similar palette! Make it interesting by mixing it up with textures and layers i.e., by pairing silk with cottons or chiffons.

From the Same Colour Family

Use the colour wheel as a guide here. Blue, green and purple are in the same family and yellow, orange and red are the other side. You cannot go wrong here really! Throw in layers like a printed or embellished jacket to create an eye-catching look and stand out by keeping your accessories neutral. This colour blocking technique is as easy as monochromatic colours as it is easier to play with more colours while crafting an outfit.

Contrasting Tones

This can be a tricky one as it involves putting together two or three (not more!) contrasting colours to create a bold and eclectic look. If not done right, the whole ensemble will end up looking unharmonious and out of balance. If you want to go adventurous, choose colours from the opposite ends of the colour wheel (blue – orange, yellow – purple). You can take it a notch higher with contrasting shoes, jewelry or bags. However, at its saturation peak, the pairing can get too intense and cause an unflattering clash. Thus, it is ideal to choose a saturated hue and combine it with a softer shade of the opposite colour.
But there are a few ‘fashion rules’ one must remember when playing with colours! There is a risk involved while colour blocking depending how you pull it off. Do not wear too many colours together. It will only make your outfit look clumsy! Neutral is the key! Balance your outfit with neutral colours such as white, black or grey. Pair a bright pink kurti with white pants and say, green heels? Definitely a head turner! If you are a beginner, start with monochromatic colours. It’s safe and yet allows you to play with layers. You really can’t go wrong with it. Hope these colour blocking tips add the much needed colour splash to your monsoon wardrobe!

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