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Zola Chikankari Kurtas: Exquisite Handcrafted Elegance

Zola Chikankari Kurtas: Exquisite Handcrafted Elegance

As we are all familiar with Chikankari, that is a traditional Indian embroidery technique and skill, dates to centuries ago. This art originated in the City of Nawabs – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, which is popularly known for its highly skilled craftsmanship and intricate details.  

While a lot of big names in the industry today have embraced this form of art, Zola particularly stands out for having the most exquisite collection of Chikankari Kurtas. Among these, Lucknowi Chikankari Kurtas have been seen to gather the most attention online.   

In this blog, we are about to expand your knowledge about the art of Zola kurtas and help you have a better understanding of how the whole process of their creation takes place, and highlight their unique features while developing a greater understanding of their increasing popularity in the market of contemporary fashion.    

History & legacy of Chikankari Kurta for women:

In order to truly appreciate the existence of Zola Chikankari Kurta set for women, it is highly imperative that you dive deep into its origin and roots. The art was founded in the Mughal patronage during the reign of Emperor Jahangir when it first caught the attention of the King and his fellow Kingdom people.

The well-ornated details and the fine embroidery in no time evolved into an art form that represented and evaluated cultural nuances. This made it an integral part of the Lucknowi heritage.

Presently, Zola, as a brand has passionately connected with this skill set and displays some of the most exquisite pieces which it has transformed into contemporary fashion. If you want to dive further into the world of kurtas, Zola has a limitless range of possibilities, from multiple kurti sets for women to unique white kurtis for women.    

Zola: A commitment of craftsmanship to womens kurti:  

The central idea of Zola is to capture the conventional standards of Indian crafts through designer kurtis, and to make people aware of this on a global scale about this art. On their website, you can get your hands on designer kurtas from some very renowned artists, who have diligently created eye-catching pieces, that ensure exceptional quality and premium attention to detail.  

The Artistic Process:

Creating this distinctive piece of art requires maximum attention and is quite frankly a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Initially, it starts with selecting the finest fabrics, often pure cotton, or silk, which sets the objective of the design and also serves as the canvas for the embroidery.

In the next step, the professionals put the final layout of their sketched designs onto the fabrics, using water-soluble ink as a guide. Then comes the embroidery work, which process involves multiple types of stitches, including the famous “shadow work” and “jali” techniques, which highlight the depth and texture of all the patterns.

Another noteworthy quality of this process is that each stitch is carefully executed by hand, making every Chikankari Kurta, one of its types.

Unique Features of Zola Chikankari Kurtas:       

What makes Zola Chikankari Kurtas and kurta set for women different from others is that they are distinguished by their timeless charm and grand artistry. You can often find their designs incorporated with elements that are related to nature, like flowers, birds, vines, and birds. These motifs, which are so detail oriented, give out a positive outflow of grace and beauty.

In their threadwork, you can notice how Zola has experimented with different silhouettes, coupled with pristine white or pastel hues of the kurtas, creating an option that would suit every occasion and personal taste.

The Growing Popularity of Zola Chikankari Kurtas:   

Being a true testament of time, Zola Kurtis is gaining immense popularity in multiple cultures across the globe. Fashion enthusiasts are offering an alternative approach, and bringing forward a fusion of traditional skillsets with contemporary designs creating a bridge towards limitless fashion and enhancing culturally rich garments.

Another chief reason is that these kurtis are sustainable and ethical in terms of long-term durability. It is also regarded as a slow fashion movement, which is environment-friendly and aligns perfectly with socially responsible choices.

More than a piece of clothing, Zola Chikankari Kurtas embodies the visionary art & the rich values of Lucknow. Moreover, Zola as a brand, is committed to creating and bringing forward a cherished addition of clothing to all wardrobes. So, hurry up and add the charm of Zola Chikankari Kurtas to your fashion legacy today.      

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