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What Women Want: Zola’s Kurtas

What Women Want: Zola’s Kurtas

Achieve the Desired Look with Zola’s Kurtas

We are not saying that kurtas are a summer staple or an apparel that rules over all other forms and styles of clothing. The women in India and even internationally have made their choices clear that they cannot do without their favourite kurtas in their wardrobe. Whether it is summer, monsoon or winter, one can find at least one kurta in every girl’s closet. Kurtas are a quintessential piece of clothing which are a part of every women’s couture because they are the most fuss-free styling option available today! 

Kurtas can be easily matched with jeans, leggings, trousers and denim. Besides this, almost every oxidised jewellery and footwear can effortlessly look elegant when combined with a kurta. They help save dressing-up time, allow movement and air to pass through and are manufactured in the most comfortable fabrics such as cotton, viscose and rayon; that how can one overlook these beautiful pieces? Also, kurtas are traditional clothing that represents India's rich cultural heritage. Thus, despite being present aeons back, the popularity and favouritism of kurtas have never plummeted. Even in 2023 and the coming years, kurtas are always going to be in demand.

Consequently, keeping the demand for kurtas in mind, we have leading online and offline fashion houses supplying multiple varieties of kurtas. However, in a hurry to provide many alternatives to customers' changing preferences, vendors have failed to meet the quality. Also, with so many aesthetic substitutes pleasing to the eyes, selecting the ideal and perfect kurta can get confusing. Thus, to keep you stress-free and to ensure that shopping is a therapeutic experience for you, Zola has prepared a list of pointers which you must bear in mind while shopping online!

  1.     Find the Right Fabric: The crux of premium attire is the fabric. If the fabric is of inferior quality, it will reflect in the apparel. The kurta of a sub-stand material will easily tear, work and print will fade, and buttons will fall off within a few washes. Therefore, finding a suitable fabric that suits your body type and skin tone is crucial! Youdon’t have to settle with one fabric if you shop Zola's kurtas. We have multiple fabric choices such as cotton, rayon, modal, viscose, chikankari, silk, georgette, etc. You can select any fabric that you are comfortable with.
  2.     Find the Right Size: Many popular ethnic shops will fail to deliver your desired size. Either they will have a size which is too small or too big. In fact, various suppliers will not have a plus size kurta! Finding the perfect fit is a genuine concern and challenge that you will never have to face with Zola! You can buy Zola’s kurtis online without any hassle, as we have the following sizes – S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL!
  3.     Budget: Have you ever loved the kurta on a shopping website but checked the price and never added it to the cart? With Zola’s kurtis online, we guarantee that you will keep adding them to the cart. This is because we do not levy an exceptionally high price for superior quality kurtas. We aim to provide luxury clothing at an affordable and budget-friendly price. The starting price of our exclusive kurtas is INR 600/- making it cost-effective for you!
  4.     Colour: At Zola, we spoil you with not just the suitable sizes, fabric and prices but also eye-candy colour options. At our shopping hub, you come across a range of beautiful and pleasing colours. Whether you want a kurti in purple, mauve, onion pista-green, magenta, rust, teal, carrot, lemon or hot pink shades – we have it all. You will never be disappointed with our colourful collection.
  5.     Designs: The last but most important aspect of buying clothes is design. Team Zola will always bring to you the finest and trendiest styles and designs to enhance your basic and occasional styling needs. We have floral, dabu, block, chikankari, mirror, sequence and many more prints and designs to help you get your dreamy look.

 Contemporary Kurta Sets for Women

Undoubtedly, you can do without a top, but not without a kurta. Kurta sets for women are a necessity for every girl! You cannot style a top or t-shirt a hundred ways, but you can wear a kurta set for women in countless ways and for various occasions. You can easily dress it up for an occasion or festival, and you can dress down the same kurta for a Monday meeting at work. Basically, kurtas are versatile, and you can experiment with them as per your needs. Let us show you how!

You can pick Zola’s short kurti for women. Now, you can wear this kurti at an office event, puja or Indian festival by adding a sharara or palazzo to it. The same kurti can be worn with leggings or denim for work.

You can pick any subtle colour of your choice, such as Zola’s white kurti for women. A white kurti exudes a flawless and rich appeal, so it can be worn as it is. But if you want to augment its beauty, you can wear oxidised or artificial earrings, a boho neckpiece and a stack of bangles. You can also swap your regular footwear with a white sneakers to get an appealing look. To add some colour to your white kurti, you can belt it up or wear a contrast coloured dupatta as a scarf. You can style your white kurti with a denim jacket. A jacket will give a sporty and edgy vibe to your attire. 

Raise your style quotient with Zola’s contemporary kurta sets for women.

 Zola’s Designer Women’s Kurtis

If you don’t want to experiment or mix and match with your kurta sets for women, you can pick from our exquisite designer kurti collection. Our designer kurtas have elegant and sophisticated detailing on them, making them a stunning choice for occasions and events. You can wear them for weddings, office parties, family functions and religious ceremonies and be the star of the night!

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