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Tunic Tales: 5 Reasons Your Closet Needs Long And Short Sleeve Tunic Tops For Women

Tunic Tales: 5 Reasons Your Closet Needs Long And Short Sleeve Tunic Tops For Women

Tunics are one of the most universally loved tops for women. They are comfortable, durable and yet stylish in nature. From long sleeved ones to women’s short sleeved tunics, they are loved by Indian women of all ages. Their formal cut makes them appropriate for professional as well as festive gatherings, thus making them an absolute wardrobe-essential for all. But what is it exactly that makes a tunic one of the most sought after outfits amidst Indian women? Let’s find out… 

Tunics For Women & Versatility - A Match Made In Heaven

Tunics are considered to be one of the most versatile types of outfits across the world. From butterfly sleeved kaftan tops to full sleeved buttoned tunics that look like shirts, there are over a thousand types of tunics designed and worn globally. They are absolutely easy to pair with and go well with any silhouette of pants, be it regular jeans for women, straight cigarette trousers for women, shorts or leggings. They come in different types of sleeves and even look pretty when layered with shrugs and denim jackets for women. Not just that, they are also crafted in the most varying designs, colours and embellishments ensuring that there always is a tunic waiting to be picked by you. 

Tunics Are The Most Evergreen Shirts For Women

Tunics are not just limited to Indian fashion. The world has seen tunics been used since times unknown. From Caesar to Cleopatra, Greek and Roman eras too have been a witness to the glory of tunics worn by their men and women. They have been used in India in the form of kurtis for many years now. From baby boomers to millennials to Gen Z, tunics have been used and loved by many generations, thus making it one of the most evergreen shirt types for women. From hot pants to crocheted jackets for women, girls these days love experimenting with their tunics. However, the classic structure of the tunic hasn’t undergone many changes, making it one of the most classic and timeless pieces of clothing there can be.

Forgiving In Nature

Tunics are very kind and forgiving in nature. This simply means that you can simply treat yourself to two more gulab jamuns the next time you head out for a dinner, and your tunics still will fit you as beautifully as they have always had. Tunics are generally loose in shape and thus look well on all body types. Their flared fit beautifully conceals all the unflattering parts of your body thus making you look fit and fabulous at all times. However, to ensure that your outfit always looks perfect, remember to pair your loose fit tunics with fitted pants like pencil jeans or leggings to balance out the proportions and make a great fashion impression, at all times. 

Easy On Pocket

Tunics are one of the most budget friendly clothing options available in the market. They come in a variety of fabrics, colours, designs and embellishments which simply means that there is plenty of variety of tunics available in all types of budgets. From heavy duty designer tunics to simple cotton daily-wear tunics, you can find every type of this outfit in the most beautiful designs only on, at the most mind blowing prizes ever. Zola’s tunics are durable and long lasting, making it one of India’s favourite shopping brands to shop tunics as well as other kurtis and kurta sets for women from. 

Timeless And Ageless

Considering the shape and fit of a tunic, it is considered to be one of the most timeless and ageless outfits. Women of any age can wear them comfortably without worrying about too much body-show or bad fitting. From Hijabs to jackets to scarves, tunics are super easy to accessorise and there are a myriad of looks you can create with one single simple white tunic. When paired with the right set of jewellery and other pieces of outfits, a tunic can also be used for festive occasions like poojas, mehendi parties or family dinners on Diwali and Raksha Bandhan. 

Weather Friendly At All Times

Like mentioned earlier, tunics are super versatile in nature. They come in different types of fabrics. When picked in thick woollens and paired with fleece stockings, tunics make for amazing winter outfits and can also contribute immensely to your summer wardrobe when bought in light, breezy cotton fabrics. They are also monsoon-friendly considering their length which stops them from getting drenched from water collected in puddles. Although being one of the most weather-friendly outfits there ever can be, they are super beautiful to look at and can easily make women of any age and shape look simply stunning. 

Help You Travel Light

Tunics, when paired in the right fabrics, are super light to carry and hence are the most travel friendly outfits ever. They are trendy and super comfortable, ensuring that you can travel light at all times, look fabulous and still feel fresh and relaxed throughout the day, no matter which region you are travelling to. They can also be styled in a zillion ways which means that you can carry only a handful of outfits while travelling and still curate innumerable looks with them. 

Reliable And Trustworthy

A tunic is a reliable and trustworthy friend of yours. It will be there for you on days when you wake up late and don’t have much time to dress up. It will be there for you when the weather is not in its best mood and also on days when you yourself are in no mood to accessorise. A tunic’s versatility is super trustworthy, meaning that having a few of these pieces in your wardrobe ensures that you don’t always have to be worried about how to dress up the next day. You can always be rest assured that the tunic in your wardrobe has your back, just like a true friend. 

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