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Solutions to common fashion problems

Solutions to common fashion problems

The unblemished charm of the fashion world fancies our audiences. As perfect as it appears, fashion too faces unforeseen problems and constantly strolls across hiccups, but gracefully. Wondering what these problems could be? With so many choices around, we, the consumers, are always on the watch out for more. Be it sustainable fashion, comfortable fabrics, shopping experience, or culturally inclusive clothing lines, fashion magnums streamline their success along the path of such problems. Let's talk about the solutions. Well, Zola brings forth a glamorous galore of answers to common fashion problems that we face in our everyday life.

Pairing High-fashion with Comfort

With the contemporary crowd focusing on easy-peasy clothing, comfortable fashion has gained a spotlight. Tracks and joggers found a spacious section in almost everyone's wardrobe but with work going back to office spaces, suitable clothing is a must-watch. Worry not, just scroll through a few western co-ordinated sets and you are ready to walk the hall in fashionable silhouettes. 

Looking for ethnic vibes, go for short kurti and palazzos co-ord set. While denim sets work best for casual days, a monochrome pant set will work wonders on days of formal meets and greets. As chic as it looks, these co-ord sets are designed with the most comfortable fabrics and in styles that suit all body types.

Petite Bodice  

Fashion policing is no surprise but if you start policing your own style game, it's time to include a few tips and tricks to up your style game. While we, petite people, have wonderful bodies, sometimes the height indifference takes a toll. Now is the time to bookmark these tweaks and be comfortable in your shoes. As simple as it sounds, opt for monochrome outfits. It accentuates your body with the colour illusion technique.  

Forget baggy outfits and style shirts and tops with skinny jeans or trousers. Tucked-in tops are a golden tip while cropped bottoms are everything you need to look taller. Shop for bottoms that show skin around the ankles. A little skin show is never a no. Remember, cropped and tucked goes a long way. 


Layering Right 

Thinking about how much fabric is too much fabric? Well, layering never goes wrong. Just pick the colours that complement each other and fabrics that suit your body. For instance, a layered dress or a jacketed shirt with trousers is a game-changer in the layering business. A white dress with a blue shrug or a solid ensemble with checkered layer tops as a styling solution. 

Cultural yet Chic

Planning to attend a cultural function or festive gathering? select an outfit that speaks ethnic but flaunts fashion simultaneously. Old is gold as kaftans are flattering and have proven to be the number one choice yet again. Comfortable yet chic, include at least two sets of kaftan outfits in your ethnic wardrobe. Besides, a sleeveless kurti with flared palazzos or an embroidered Indian ensemble speaks the language of cultural inclusivity and fine fashion. 

Prints and patterns  

Only fashion experts know what importance prints and patterns play in styling the right outfit. While vertical stripes create a taller illusion, horizontal stripes grab attention on the sides and make one look wider and stout. Talking of prints, always pair a printed top with a solid bottom or vice versa. Prints running from top to bottom give a busy impression and take away the beauty of prints. Alternatively, embroidery and lucknowi details enhance an ensemble's beauty and look attractive on any colour it is done upon. An item of checkered clothing, however, works wonders if paired right. Just like prints, checks also need careful styling with solid colours and look best on cotton fabrics. 






Wardrobe malfunction is one but everyday fashion problems are never off the wardrobe. Solutions to such problems must always be handy and easy on the pocket. With Zola's fashionable clothing line, every fashion problem has an answer with just a click away. Explore our wide-ranging outfits and create your exclusive, fashionable looks with our chic ensembles. 

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