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Embrace These 8 Styling Tips To Dazzle In Your Latest Salwar Suit

Embrace These 8 Styling Tips To Dazzle In Your Latest Salwar Suit

Ladies Salwar Suits are one of the most timeless outfits in India that have stayed in vogue for generations. Although originated in the North Indian states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, salwar kameez suits eventually became a go-to outfit for many women across the length and breadth of the country. This classic outfit has gone through an occasional upgrade from time to time and designers across the globe have recognised its potential, adding their own personal touch to the outfit’s silhouette every now and then. Although ladies in the earlier times used to rely on their local tailors to craft these outfits for them, the internet has made the world of fashion even smaller making the process of shopping readymade ladies salwar suits online easier and faster. However, while we all can easily order as many suits as we want right from the comforts of our home, many of us still face the confusion of styling these differently. 

To put this confusion to rest for good, we have put together a list of the top 8 styling tips to dazzle in your kurta suit sets every day. Let’s check them out here. 

  • Opt For Dark Colours While Buying Plus Size Suits For Women 
  • It is now a universally accepted fact that dark colours help conceal unflattering parts of your body. They help you look thinner and taller and create an illusion of a more sleek body. Avoid outfits in light colours like white kurtis for women if you have gained a few unwanted pounds in recent times until you bare back in your fabulous shape again. Outfits in dark colours like black kurtis for women also tend to make you look fairer and work brilliantly when paired with shiny jewellery having precious stones or diamonds. 

  • Use Capes, Shrugs And Ponchos With Your Designer Kurtis 

  • Capes, shrugs and ponchos add layers to your kurta set for women set creating an illusion of depth. They have an instant designer appeal to them and uplift your outfit immediately, thanks to their unique shapes and silhouettes. When embellished with laces, embroidery, gota or mirror work, these capes, shrugs and ponchos add a dash of glamour to your designer kurta. We suggest buying these in a few neutral colours just so that you can pair them with multiple outfits in the future.

  • Never Leave The House Without Accessorising Your Outfit

  • Always remember this golden rule. Never step out of your home without adding at least one if not more accessories to your ethnic wear women’s kurti. Considering that these outfits are Indian silhouettes, they look great only when paired with jewellery and accessories like earrings, watches, bangles and necklaces. However, it is also absolutely necessary to know when to stop and not go overboard with the accessorising bit in order to look chic and sophisticated at all times. 

  • Use The Right Type Of Purses And Bags

  • While accessorising your ethnic wear outfits, it is also important to remember to use the right kind of bags and purse. Most women usually end up carrying their western shaped bags and purses while wearing their Indian salwar suits. While this might seem acceptable at places like your office or college, stick to Indian purses like potlis, clutches and slings with ethnic detailing to ensure that your look is absolutely complete. Adding western elements on an ethnic Indian outfit doesn’t really look appealing except when you want to curate a fusion indo-western look for yourself. 

  • Fusions = An Infinite Wardrobe

  • Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching your outfits. You might often come across different pieces in your cupboard which have a similar undertone or embroidery and have the potential to look good together. From kurtis to palazzos to crop tops and skirts, there are a myriad of looks you can create by just pairing these outfits differently. The key is to have immense trust in your instincts and sport the look confidently. You can also rely on accessories like belts and capes to add a finishing touch to these looks you create by mixing different individual pieces of outfits. 

  • Choose Fabrics According To The Weather

  • While looking for a designer ethnic wear, do take in proper consideration the climate or weather of the place you are going to be wearing the outfit in. Picking an outfit made from a thin, flimsy material during Delhi’s winters can freeze you to death easily. Similarly, you can go horribly wrong by picking an outfit made of unbreathable synthetic outfits in Mumbai’s summers. Always check the weather before planning to pick an outfit to avoid feeling too sweaty or cold because nothing can kill even the most fabulous dresses like an uncomfortable demeanour.

  • Get The Fitting Right

  • A well fitted simple kurta can put even the most beautiful designer outfit in a bad fit to shame. It’s absolutely necessary to check the size and fitting chart before placing your orders for an outfit online. Each brand usually has its own set measurements and hence we suggest using a measuring tape to figure out your size before placing orders, especially for expensive designer outfits. This will ensure that you do not need any last minute changes and alterations that can possibly ruin the look and feel of the outfit making it look unnatural. 

  • Get Experimental With The Cuts

  • Don’t stick to buying a single type of silhouette while shopping for ethnic wear online. Get experimental with your styles. Look for salwar suits in different shapes and don’t be afraid of sporting a look you have never tried before. From patialas to anarkalis to angrakhas to palazzo sets, there are over a hundred types of different silhouettes all inspired by the simple Indian salwar kameez. Just look for options that suit your body type and try as many as you can before finalising one. You never know what might transform your dressing style for good!

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