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Back To Basics : 8 Short Kurtis For Women That Your Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without

Back To Basics : 8 Short Kurtis For Women That Your Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without

Short kurtis or kurti set for women have always been the go-to outfits for many Indian girls, for many generations. Their versatility and comfort make them the premiere choice for quite a lot of young women even now. Like they say, you can never really go wrong with a beautiful ethnic kurti. 

Kurtis are available in the market in a myriad of options. With plethora of colours to cuts to sizes and shapes of kurtis that Indian markets are flooded with, there is always a kurti waiting for every woman out there. They can also be paired with a choice of pants. From the trendy palazzos to well-fitted cigarette pants to jeggings and jeans, a short kurti is probably the easiest piece of clothing to pair with. And that is exactly what makes the humble kurti a go-to daily wear outfit for every woman out there. Right from weddings to casual dinners to office meetings to classrooms, a kurti when paired with the right set of accessories can never fail you. 

However, simply buying these modest yet beautiful pieces of clothing is not enough. You also need to plan your wardrobe and make sure that it is a seamless amalgam of various outfits that can secure you the title of a fashion diva at any and every occasion.

To help you with this, we have put together a list of 8 must-have kurti options that will complete your wardrobe in the most beautiful way. From offering the right coverage for a formal set up to making you look absolutely glamorous at a party, here are eight types of kurtis you need to make sure that your wardrobe is prepared for every occasion!

Basic Cotton Women’s Kurtis 

Who doesn’t love a heavily embellished designer kurti or an expensive kurta set for women? However, neither of these beat the grace and comfort of a simple cotton or linen kurti when it comes to picking a daily wear outfit. Like experts do, we too would always recommend you to start building your wardrobe with a few simple, sophisticated yet classy pieces that you can always bounce back to during fashion emergencies. From coming handy on a day you don’t feel quite dressy to being there for you when the weather is acting up, Zola’s best cotton kurtis online would never really disappoint you. You can either pair them with a pair of jeans or jeggings, throw on a simple pair of slippers and you are good to go! 

Kaftan Style Designer Kurtas For Women

There are days that feel a little more special than the rest. From birthdays to a classy team lunch outside the office, there are always occasions which do not quite require you to be dressed up in your most expensive dresses and yet look pretty. For days like these, do shop for a few kaftan style designer kurtis online. To nail the perfect designer look on a budget, you can always rely on a Zola Kurti that is sure to make you stand out in a crowd without making you compromise on your comfort.

Shirt Style Women’s Kurtis

Buttoned straight cut short kurtas make for great office wear. You can pair them with cigarette pants, jeggings or jeans to have a clean, no-nonsense look. Do pick these in subtle solids to not make your outfit the centre of attention while still ensuring that you are the most well-dressed person in the room. Hairstyles like sleek ponytails work best with this outfit combination, coupled with a pair of closed toe shoes. 

Full Sleeve Kurtis

A couple of full sleeve kurtis too are a must have for you, if not more. You can pick these both in simple as well as designer options. They make for a great outfit choice for formal events in which sleeveless tops don’t fit well. They are also good for venues that can probably make you feel cold like a cinema hall or an alfresco restaurant on a cold evening. While full sleeve kurtis have their own appeal, you can opt for options with 3/4th or elbow length sleeves if going full length isn’t too comfortable for you. These sleeve lengths too qualify for the above mentioned setting while preventing you from compromising on your style!

Chikankari Short Kurtis

Timeless and classic, we believe that every Indian girl should be in proud possession of at least one tasteful Chikankari kurta. Borrowed from the city of Lucknow, Chikankari is an art that has been taken to places around the world by its patrons. Its airy nature and enchanting intricate detailing make the timeless Chikan kurta a great choice for both simple as well as fancy occasions. You can either pair these with denim jeans or jeggings and complete the look with a pair of leather juttis to look nothing less than a million bucks!

Short Kurtis With Dramatic Sleeves

From bell sleeves to larger than life puffs, sky's the limit when it comes to going dramatic with your sleeves. Designer sleeves, without a doubt, have the power to make or break an outfit. For special occasions that require you to look prettier than usual, pick for yourself a few varieties of kurtis with magnificent dramatic sleeves. A little drama never hurts afterall, does it?

Silk Kurtis

Silk kurtas have been a favourite for Indian women across generations. From raw silk to Kanjivaram to Benarasi and even Paithani, kurtis are now crafted in some of the most beautiful and expensive silks sourced from regions across the length and breadth of the country. While short kurtas made of this material are easy to wear, you can even consider getting for yourself floor-length maxi dresses and kurtas made in silk for special occasions like weddings and parties. Pair them with a net dupatta to finish the look and see how you make heads turn as you cut through the crowd, looking like an absolute dream.

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