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Zola Chikankari Kurtis To Tunics - Fashion Tips For Working Women

Zola Chikankari Kurtis To Tunics - Fashion Tips For Working Women

One of the most beautiful and versatile clothing styles, kurti sets and other Indian silhouettes are worn by women of all ages and professions. Thanks to its modest appeal, Indian attire is ideal for working women to look elegant and sophisticated at work. From its wide range of embroidered kurta for ladies to tunics and short kurtas, Zola offers one of the best work wear options for Indian ladies. While these trendy pieces barely need any more styling, we have still put together some of our favourite fashion tips for women who want to incorporate Indian outfits into their day to day work wear wardrobe. 

  • Picking The Right Fabric
  • When you pick outfits for your daily usage, you have to keep in mind that you will be wearing these for quite a few hours and hence the comfort of the fabric is of utmost importance to you. Especially for working women who spend the entire day in the office glued to a seat, it is essential to choose fabrics that are comfortable to wear, all day long. Avoid the use of synthetic or heavy fabrics like jute as they are stiff, rough on the skin and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

  • Ditch the bling and opt for outfits like a simple white kurti for women
  • While a simple crisp white or black kurti for women is a great pick for office-wear, you simply cannot rely on monotones for outfits you need to wear daily. Hence, while playing a little with colours and embellishments works well, we suggest bidding adieu to heavy embellishments in gold, silver and mirror work. We suggest opting for simpler understated designs like chikankari work on your women’s kurti or a designer kurta with some sophisticated, minimal aari work. The key is to avoid being too flashy while in a professional setting. 

  • Knowing how to accessorise right
  • While accessorising your office wear outfits, it is necessary to know where to start but most importantly, where to stop. While minimal accessories like cutesy stud earrings, a simple necklace and basic bangles work wonders for a professional setup, one must not go overboard with their accessories wearing chunky jewellery or bridal pieces. Stick to the less is more formula while accessorising your women’s kurti and you’ll simply be good to go.

  • Experiment with silhouettes while picking kurti sets for women
  • Don’t stick to a particular style of clothing when curating your work wear wardrobe. Get experimental and pick pieces in different silhouettes. You can opt for a variety of outfits too like sophisticated cotton sarees, kurti sets, tunics, short kurtis to go with pants etc. Ensure that your office wardrobe is a fun mix of classics that inspire you to dress up to work everyday. It is only when your wardrobe will motivate you to look your best each day will you want to head out to work and slay the day like an absolute girl boss. While picking a kurti set for women, opt for fabrics that are light in weight and allow your skin to breathe like cotton, silk and linen.

  • Picking the right colours
  • When picking outfits for your office wear wardrobe, opt for colours that are light, subtle and soothing to the eyes. From pastel shades to monochromes, you can pick outfits in any light tone with minimal embellishments. You can also look for outfits in a neutral colour palette like grey, beige, brown and cream. But we suggest strictly avoiding outfits in bright, loud colours like red, orange and bright yellow which can be too loud and flashy for a formal setting. 

  • Focusing On The Fit
  • While you have checked everything else in your outfit while adding it to the cart, you also have to be extremely careful about the fit of your outfit. Don’t hoard clothes in  a smaller size expecting to wear them once you shed a few extra kgs. Tight fitted clothes look absolutely shabby and can make you as well as the people around you feel uncomfortable all the time. Along with that, also remember to ditch cuts that are too revealing like deep plunging necklines and revealing backs as they do not seem to be well appropriate for a professional setting. 

    In conclusion, Indian outfits are a great way of adding elegance and sophistication to your work wardrobe. Using these styling tips, you can curate for yourself an absolutely stunning work wear collection that will help you look like a dream everyday, while you make a lasting impression on your boss, colleagues and clients. 

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